Filipina Cosplayers: Best of the Best PART II

The first post came out really well. Barbarra Batimana, a cosplayer in Bulacan, commented on that and I just died. HAHAHA! 😀 She really browses her FB page to notice my post there. 😀 So here is my second list of greatest cosplayers of the Philippines. As I’ve said on my earlier post, this list is only based on my opinion. Enjoy reading! ^_^

Chienna Filomeno from Quezon City

I browsed her name from google and I just couldn’t understand why she has many haters? maybe

cause of her pretty face? anyway, haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate. hahaha! The

Gosiengfiao sisters must have a good eye for noticing her out from the crowded cosplay scene.

Even though she doesn’t look like a Filipina (she looks more of a Korean) I still love her.

Her cosplays are great even if they are few. I’ve read in one of the sites of her haters that the reason

why she only has few cosplays is because she doesn’t want to ask to her parents for costumes, etc.

That is the best reason I’ve heard so far and for that I respect her. Because it shows that she’s an

independent girl and doesn’t want her family to be bothered by her hobby. I’m sure her family’s

rich and for a rich girl to have this kind of attitude is like finding a real diamond out of the fake

ones. She’s not like any other daddy’s little rich spoiled brat, she earns what she spends. Back with

her cosplays, I love the most her Hatsune Miku cosplay, the one with the black gown. She’s super

attractive in that costume.

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Erika Dy from Valenzuela City

I know her personally and she’s a nice person. We both go to the same school and play the NX Pump

it Up at SM Valenzuela that made us even more close. But I’m her senior so we barely talk at school

because of our hectic schedules. As for her cosplays, I was inspired by her Ash Ketchum. I just feel

like trying it. 😀

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Haidee Lapuz

She is a cute girl with lots of interests based on what I’ve read about her, haven’t seen her cosplays

personally. I bet she’s also a nice person because she made loads of fan signs which requires time and

effort. I really love her vocaloid makeup, so EPIC! She managed to become pretty human gal to an

anime-inspired doll. I wish I could put makeup like that. 😀 My favorite character she cosplayed is

Luka of Vocaloid. The gown and wig are just overflowing with grandeur.

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Ara “Hazy” Athienza from Manila

(It should have been at the first post where all the cosplayers’ name starts with letter A. But silly me I thought her real name is Hazy, It seems that it is her other name in the cosplay scene )

A certified gamer and fashionista. I’ve seen her photos from Alodia’s page where she is dancing at

the stage wearing a policewoman’s uniform which is smoking hot! I wish I was there to watch when

she danced. I tried finding it on youtube but there’s no post about it. I love her statement in her

interview where she said that to cosplay, you don’t just need the guts, the money, etc. You should

also consider if you can carry the character you would like to cosplay.Would it look good to you or

what? Cosplay is not just wearing costumes, you have to consider also how you will portray the

character perfectly. Can you do the characters different gestures, mannerisms, and poses? You

should also consider the different things you will use. From makeups to wigs to the fabrics. Now

that is one hell of a good advice. 😀 As I’ve mentioned earlier, the policewoman cosplay of her by the

way is my favorite cosplay of her. 😀

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Jen Ching

One of the endorsers of the Pocky company, her chinita looks makes her more stand out in the

cosplay scene. I haven’t seen her yet but I think she really has porcelain doll’s skin.  More like a

korean than a Filipina:D Her cosplays are really good and you know what that means? Perfect

physique + perfect costume = Epic anime turned into reality.

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Jerry Polence

She’s cosplaying since 2004 so it’s no wonder her cosplays are smashing. 😀 She also received many

awards both in cosplaying and blogging. For cosplaying, she managed to win with perfect scores

from the judges. I wonder how did she do that, I wanna see her badly on stage 😀 Good thing she has

tons of videos on her site. For her blogging, I love her posts because its informative and can learn a

lot of new things about the world she’s living in. Check it out and be a fan of her! 😀 Her costumes

are well-polished and people can really sense at one look that her costume is made with joined


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Jia Gold Bustamante from Caloocan City

I’ve seen her in Asia Cosplay Meet(the first cosplay convention I’ve ever been to) and yes her

costume rocks! I think she used LED lights for that KOS-MOS costume. I couldn’t even come close to

her because photographers are flocking to her. The bad thing is I wasn’t able to watch her catwalk

because I didn’t know about it at that time, I’m just running around like an idiot around the

Philippine World Trade Center to take some pictures of the cosplayers while she does her thing on

the stage. 😀 I hope I can watch her next time, now that I have more knowledge in cosplaying. Good

thing there’s a video of her catwalk all over the net. All I can say is WOW! 😀 She really managed to

look as the character, very detailed. Even her facial expressions. She deserves to be titled as the

Finest Asian Cosplayer. Oh and I really think that she looks like Ashley Gosiengfiao. ^_^

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Jillian Ongsip from Makati City

I’ve seen her at Megamall last year and from my opinion she’s got a great body! 😀 Good for

modelling.. and she’s really nice, even though the photographers are flocking her she still gave

considerations to the people who doesn’t use super expensive cameras to take her pictures. Not like

the bastards who didn’t even bother to notice our efforts. 😀

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Jovi Heartilly a.k.a.  Jovi Claire Farron from Pasay City

She’s got a lot of hobbies like me and its good to know that she juggles all of it well. 😀 If I wasn’t

mistaken I caught a glimpse at an article of her making a cover of a certain song. From what I’ve

read from her fan page, I think she is a passionate girl who isn’t afraid to go beyond her limits. Keep

up the good work ^_^ I wish I could get more images of her.

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Kristell Lim

I’ve seen her Erza Scarlet cosplay back in Otaku Expo 2010 and it rocks! I couldn’t get a good shot of

her because the place is kinda dark and I still don’t have any idea how to fix my point-and-shoot

camera to blend with the environment. I got the chance to chat with her through facebook to ask

permission for her pictures, she’s really nice and accommodating. That’s a plus for cosplayers, I

often get offended and ignored by those who have bloated heads like in what I’ve met in

Comic Con last year. 😀

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More pictures! have fun! ^_^