Theme for the Strange World FUN SHOOT

This is my very first photo shoot with cosplayers so I just DIED when Mr. Shutter Box invited me to join their crew. 😀 A very funny man who really has a gift of producing pictures with life. Along with Mr. Bernard Garbo, they helped me to become familiar in Cosplay Photography and I totally enjoyed it. Actually […]

Metro Comic Con 2011

All the pictures are kinda blurred cause I didn’t fix my camera’s settings and I’ve had a hard time fixing it with Photoshop. Damn dumbness of me! I even boasted to my friends that my camera is 12 Megapixel, but when my friends looked at them I was laughed at for their 8 Megapixel (phone?)’s […]

Cosmania X

I enjoyed a lot in this convention, good thing I didn’t forgot to take pictures like in the last convention (Asia Cosplay Meet 2010). I also got to use my friend’s SLR because he’s busy with his cosplayer friends. I also had the chance to be with this guy whose my schoolmate back in high school (1 […]

Asia Cosplay Meet 2010

This is back when I suck at taking pictures (I could say that I’m getting better, just wait for my next posts! ^_^)  but this is also one of my memorable moments at cosplaying because this is my first time. The Otakultura Staff baptized me and my friend at the Manila World Trade Center. This is also […]