ToyCon 10th Anniversary 2011

The place was jam-packed.. And it was so hard to take decent pictures of the cosplayers. SO HARD. I

think my photography skills are quite alright here, I mean I think I got better a little? hahaha! Its

for you judge my images. My only problem here is the lighting so I fixed it with Adobe Photoshop. In

this Cosplay Con, I’ve proved that not all people are kind. Especially if you don’t have something

special for them to use (i.e. Great shots you made of them to get noticed by people). Its just

annoying that some people sees themselves as a higher type of person. Wherever you are, I hope

you’re happy ignoring the cosplay-goers who uses point-and-shoot camera to take your awesome

picture! You’re just so damn fabulous that only SLR cameras can take your picture. In that case

don’t do cosplay anymore HAHAHHA! sorry for the drama.. just have to let it out so that whoever

reads this will be enlightened from some of the bad sides of ignorant cosplayers who ruins the

world of cosplay.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures even though some of them are failures 😀 Take Care and God Bless!

^_^ Oh and we didn’t let the snobbish cosplayer ruin our day. TOYCON is such a BLAST! 😀 See you

next ToyCon! ^_^
*Please don’t remove my marks and ask permission to me first if you’re gonna use my images ^_^ Many thanks! and more power*


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