Theme for the Strange World FUN SHOOT

This is my very first photo shoot with cosplayers so I just DIED when Mr. Shutter Box invited me to

join their crew. 😀 A very funny man who really has a gift of producing pictures with life. Along

with Mr. Bernard Garbo, they helped me to become familiar in Cosplay Photography and I totally

enjoyed it. Actually I now much prefer going to photo shoots than cosplay conventions (just

message me if you want to invite me ^_^), but it doesn’t mean I’ll totally quit going to conventions.

It’ll only be lessen. And with the help of these photo shoots, I get to know more about the

cosplayers and we were able to know each other personally. We don’t just take pictures, we bond. 😀

The photo shoot took place at La Mesa Eco Park, Philippines (name is self-explanatory). I enjoyed

the adventurous spirit the place have and the moment I stepped at their entrance I knew that

I’m gonna be Lara Croft for a day (with cameras as weapons) :D. The photo shoot’s theme is

Victorian Era. Victorian Gowns, Butler’s suit, Visual Kei Gowns or Gothic Lolita, and

Yukata/Kimono are the only costumes allowed. I would also love to let you know the people behind

the shoot, here are the list of the models and photographers during our shoot.

1. Nana Aoi
2. Nica Salazar
3. Aiyip Sanchez
4. Joseph Esteban
5. Abby Reyes
6. Mayden Ong
7. Carleen Ong
8. Claudshin Matsuki II
9. Darlene Camille Salon
10. Anna Espejo
11. Zai Carreon Taggueg
12. Ain Villanueva
13. Francis Formanes
14. Eien Leonyx Shiroine

1. Bernard Garbo
2. Neil Jasper Gonzales
3. Linel Aguilar
4. Shutter Box
5. Edward Inertia
6. Jeffrey Daluro
7. Keru Bear
8. Jeorje Allen Dizon
9. Margie Generoso

I was mistaken at first as one of the models (*blush blush*) HAHHAHA! I prefer being a

photographer 😀 There were some problems before the photo shoot fortunately we are still able to

continue the photo shoot. At first I was totally shy, since I’m new to this higher level of the world of

cosplaying but Mr. Garbo just instructed me what I have to do and everything went well. The

cosplayers as well as the photographers are easy to get along and we enjoyed the venue until its

closing time. So here are some of the images I took.

My first shot of the cosplayers as I’m too shy to approach them at first hahaha!

Ms. Nica Salazar, one of the cutest cosplayers I’ve ever seen. She’s like Rosalinda (noon-time show back

in 90’s) in this costume. She has a jolly personality that makes her more lovable. 🙂 Her costume is

a red and black Ciel Phantomhive from the anime “Kuroshitsuji”.


Anna Espejo is the first girl I was able to work during the shoot. She’s a little shy but fun to work

with. Anna cosplayed an original character during the shoot.


I forgot to ask his name (so dumb of me hahaha!) good thing he commented on this post 😀 his name

is Mr. Zai Carreon Taggueg. Gomenasai onii-san Zai!


I was really attracted by his character. Nicely done cosplay! *thumbs up* I love the hair and the

eyes!! Mr. Joseph Adrian Esteban got the same charm as Sebastian Michaelis of Kuroshitsuji.


Ms. Ain Villanueva is a silent type of girl but so good to work with. I bet she’s smart, and its so

surprising that even under the scorching heat of the sun she never loses her poise. Her costume is

based on the Gothic-Lolita fashion from Japan.


She is the only character I know of all the cosplayers during the shoot and that made me want to

take her pictures so badly. Unfortunately, she suddenly got lost of my sight and I was only able to

to meet her during the late afternoon,  but hey I get to take her picture :D. She is really good in

projecting her image and that needs a lot of attention when you’re cosplaying. 😀 Ms. Mayden Kae Ong’s

costume is from the Hatsune Miku Goth Version


Mr. Francis Formanes, the cool and playful guy during the shoot with blank expressions ( hahaha!

that’s how I describe him 😀 ). He cosplayed Inugami Wolf.


Ms. Nana Aoi, she’s the one I get to talk before the shoot and told me the things I should do before the

shoot.  Her red dress and curled hair are so pretty same as her outgoing attitude that makes

me love her more! 😀


Ms. Claudshin Matsuki cosplayed as  April from Coyote Ragtime Show. She’s one of the last cosplayers I

was able to take pictures.


Mr. Jayson Palileo has one of the characters that reeks of mysteriousness and the character was well


More solo and group pictures 😀 :

*Please don’t remove my marks and ask permission to me first if you’re gonna use my images ^_^

Many thanks and hoping for more Photo Shoots to attend to*


4 thoughts on “Theme for the Strange World FUN SHOOT

  1. Very Nice PAGE n Awesome SETS of PHOTOS u have here. Congratz! Hope to Jam with u again nd Keep up the Good Photos . Love it! SWEAR! photoshoot na ulitz wahihihihi twitt twitt

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