Asia Cosplay Meet 2010

This is back when I suck at taking pictures (I could say that I’m getting better, just wait for my

next posts! ^_^)  but this is also one of my memorable moments at cosplaying because this is my

first time. The Otakultura Staff baptized me and my friend at the Manila World Trade Center. This

is also the place where I watched catwalk. Here are some shots I took during that wonderful day:

I don’t know the character she’s cosplaying. I think its chobits?

Kuroshitsuji Cosplay. Can anyone please tell me who she is?

Pea Shooter will eat meeee!! HAHA! with my Youfran brother Cy Legaspi.

with chibi K-On Cosplayer, I forgot her name. She’s really famous for her cosplays.

Can anyone please tell me her name?

Vocaloid Cosplayers. I don’t even know their names. 😀 badly wanna know!!

First time I’ve ever seen Barbarra Batimana. I don’t know what character she is cosplaying.

No idea what she is or who she is, still an awesome cosplay!

I think they’re from the Bulacan Cosplay Mania.

Jia Gold Bustamante as KOS-MOS18, she’s the winner at the said cosplay. I took this shot with full

effort. The place is flooded with photographers and I couldn’t get a perfect shot of her.

I don’t have a camera at that time so all these images are captured by my Samsung Cellphone

(Couldn’t remember what unit it is). The images are only few for I really enjoyed the event, I forgot

to take pictures 😀 More images to come! ^_^ Good day!


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