Fujitsu Lifebook: Big Thing for Geek’s Collections

Life is now made easier with the help of Fujitsu’s new innovation. As usual I found this on9gag.comand made a little research to know if it really exist. Fortunately it is. It is a concept proposed by Prashant Chandra(Wanna know more about him? go here

It is a combination of a laptop, tablet, phone, and a digital camera. I think this product is expected to come on 2013. All are detachable in the laptop, tablet is used as the laptop’s keyboard or touch drawing area. It is kind of bulky but I think anyone wouldn’t mind its weight if it has all a geek’s needs.

You can also get two touchscreens together by reverting back the tablet to
touchscreen mode while it is in the laptop. The devices can be charged all at once, I must say it is a
great gadget for conserving electricity. Devices can be updated all at the same time.

I’m curious about its Battery Life and Memory. How long will it last? Is the memory big enough for each of the devices? How much will it cost? Is it more expensive than a Mac Laptop? How many megapixel does the Digital Camera have?I still have lots of question inside my head. Can’t wait for 2013 :D.

I just hope that the interfaces of the tablet and the phone are somewhat looks like the Apple iPad and iPhone. I love their simplicity when it comes to the user interface design. And it would be totally rocking if the Life Book comes out with different colors or themes. If they’re gonna make this possible in 2013, I think the laptop needs to have the latest processors at that time, I’m not telling about Intel Core i7 processors, a higher one would be best, maybe an i10? XD haha! Kidding but whatever is the best at that time will do. If we’re gonna take a look at how people will use the laptop, we can calculate on how much memory is needed for this laptop to be at the top of the line. People will take pictures with the Life Book Digital Camera, some of them store it in the digital camera, while most of us store it in the laptop. The Life Book Tablet is usually used by Multimedia related works like drawing, photo editing, etc. Most of these works rely on their laptop’s application for polishing. The gist of what I’m saying is I think if they are gonna develop something, make it super useful, the one that doesn’t easily wore out in market in just a few months because it lacks something. Make it flexible like a desktop used by hardcore gamer, kick ass game developers, which has sky-high Memory, for-the-win Graphics and Audio, and if possible make their speakers the one made by Dr Dre, Beats, like the one I’ve seen in my classmate’s laptop, and don’t forget the decent screen. These are just my suggestions. Another gadget that is worth saving money for. I hope my blog have helped you. ^_^ Good day and God bless!


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