Project HTML

These are some screenshots of my project back in college freshman year. We are required to choose company (or a school in my case) to offer them a website. We will serve as the web developers and Designers, the company needs to cooperate with us by giving us important information that can be seen in the said project. It is up to the company whether they use it or not. Sadly this one wasn’t published. I didn’t get the chance to upgrade its design and I don’t have the knowledge to publish
webpages to the web back then. I erased some names on the webpages for their privacy.

The Home Page:

The Admin Page:

The Contact Us Page:

The Did You Know Page:

The Gallery Page:

The History Page:

The Mission and Vision Page:

The Pioneers Page:

The School Map:

The Teachers:

As you can see the “Message of the Principal” is seen in all webpages, it is requested by our teacher. I have had a hard time dealing with frame sets, so at first I didn’t make it that way. My plan is to build a website that needs no scroll bars (because I learned that websites with fixed windows is a growing trend), but it is not possible because of the required “Message-of-the-Principal-must-be-presented-at-all-times-policy”. Good thing even with that frame, my webpage still came out the way I expected it to be, that is to show the essence of childhood, which is required since I’m making a website based on a kindergarten school.

The wallpaper is a collage I made using downloaded clouds, flowers, butterflies , and sun from the Internet. I compiled the picture using the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) because as far as I can remember I’m not capable of using Photoshop back then.

The Drop Down Menu works like this:

When you hover it, the text will turn into hot pink and the background color will turn into light pink. The icons are just downloaded and edited with CorelDraw and Photoshop. When you open the webpage, it will automatically play an instrumental music. I chose that kind of music because I have learned that it builds up the minds of the little ones, since the company is a kindergarten school,
the webpage should have the same environment as the company.Every opening of the webpage there is a different song that is automatically played. It composes only of mild music. It does not have any transaction since I have not studied PHP programming at that time. It’s just a simple webpage that gives important information about the company. I’ll post more of my projects and feel free to
give comments. Good Day!


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